Wanna promote your Brand through a running of 1000 Miles and increase your brand profit, and visibility?
Let me show you how we can do it together.

-How can I promote your brand?
  I can promote your brand through stories, posts, interviews, and the Documentary Film that I wanna make of my 30 days running from Ukraine to Italy.

-Media(I will be promoting your brand in my appearances in TV media in Ukraine, Italy, Brazil. And probably other countries around the world after the running). Also I can promote your brand making photos and videos for the stories and posts of your Instagram or other social media that might interest you. How can I do that? I can use one or more of your products or accessories in the interviews, photos and videos talking about how your brand helped me through the 1000 Miles running from Ukraine to Italy.

Example: If you are a sports brand, I can commit to using a running shoe of only your brand through all the 1000 Miles(1600 km), to show for people how long it can last.

Other Example: If you are a water brand, I can drink only your water through the 1000 Miles, and show for people how great it is helping me to achieve all this distance.

-Have you imagined it?
I can promote your brand through an epic 1000 Miles running to inspire people around the world, while you can use all the visibility of that to increase your brand profit.
And the only help I need is to make the documentary film to reach and inspire millions of people.

And that’s why I’m looking for sponsors, because I can not afford to pay all the costs of a Filmmaking production.

-How can you help me, and what are the expenses?

You can help me with the expenses to make the Documentary Film, which is listed below:

 -Transportation and Accommodation Costs: Payment for the renting of Hotels for the 30 days journey or the rental of a Travel Trailer (The Travel Trailer can be the place where I and the filmmakers team will sleep for the whole trip).

Daily Meals for 4 people: Food, water, beverages, fruits, supplements.

Costs of Medical Check-up, Medical Assistance, Insurance, and Covid Test for 4 people (Test before crossing each country).

Running Shoes, clothes, watches, GPS, and other accessories that I might need.

Expenses with the Documentary Film, trailer, daily photos, work of two operators, work of a photographer, work of director, screenwriter, filmmaker’s equipment rental cameras, lenses, telephoto lens, action cameras, drones, led panels, ronin stabilizer, monopod, tripod, wireless radio system, editing, color correction, color grade, sound design and more.

Total expenses for the Documentary: $15.000 is exactly what we need for everything listed above including food, accommodation, and transportation for all the team to shoot this epic film, but as I can not afford it at this moment, I need your help to make it possible.

What are the other benefits to your Brand?

• TVOD: Transactional video on demand. We will promote to Sell and Rent the exclusive Documentary film on online worldwide platforms later. Example: Vimeo.

Also, the Documentary Film will participate in Film Festivals.

If the Documentary Film reaches 1.000.000 views in the online streaming platform, the amount of money collected after platform cuts will be shared with the sponsors.

Investing the full amount($15,000), you will receive: 20% of the online earnings.

Investing half of the amount($7,500), you will receive: 10% of the online earnings.

Investing ($3,000), you will receive: 4% of the online earnings.

Other ideas to benefit your brand, can be added to implement the project.


My name is Pablo, I’m 28 years old. I was born in Brazil, in the small town of Itumbiara. My first international travel was to India where I met Diana, who is now my wife.

After 5 years of traveling, Diana and I came back to Ukraine just before the covid pandemic started, and because of that, I couldn’t continue my international career as a model for the last 2 years.

In a night of sleep, back in January 2020, I had a dream that I was running from Ukraine to Italy.
I woke up and started telling Diana about it. I felt so much that I needed to do what I dreamed that night! And every single day and night after that I couldn’t stop thinking and working on this dream I had until it become a real project.

The project calls TMD, which means Thousand Miles of Dreams.
And exactly 1000 Miles I will run from Ukraine to Italy from the city of Lviv to Milan.
I’m running to help child hunger and to inspire the children and people around the world that everything is possible when you believe in your Dreams.
An adult can work on his dreams without thinking if he will have enough food to eat the next day.
A child does have not enough power and age to make things happen by himself, he can not work, and many of them lost their family or never had a family.
And I believe that a hungry child can not think and dream about other things besides what he gonna eat the next day.
But when a child has enough food to live a normal life, his next dream is what he can do and who he can be.

Helping child hunger around the world will make more children smile and dream.

“Dreams is what makes our lives much special and beautiful”

My goal is to run around 54km per day to arrive in Italy within 30 days.
I will open fundraising from the start date of my running for people around the world to donate directly to the Global Program: Save the Children, which they do all the work to help child hunger for over 100 years in more than 100 countries.

Directions and Maps

Total Distance: 1000 Miles (1600 km)
Average Daily Run: 54 km
Departure: Lviv-Ukraine
Destination: Milan-Italy
Total Countries: 5
Countries: Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy.