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28 years young, Model, Runner and a Dreamer

I born in Brazil, in the city of Itumbiara. When I was younger, my dream was to be a soccer player. I played soccer until 19 years old, and I stopped playing at that age due to a lot of injuries I was having. Since then, I started to discover more and more who I am, what else I could do, and other ways to plan my future.

That’s when the opportunity to work as a model arose. I went to city of São Paulo, found an agency and started to build up my portfolio and experience. One year after only, I got the opportunity to have my first international contract. I went to India, an amazing country which I not only found the love of my life Diana, but I also learned a lot for life from this beautiful and powerful country. After meeting Diana for only 1 month and half, I told her that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. She said: How is it possible? You are from Brazil, I’m from Ukraine, two countries very far from each other. We don’t speak the same languages. (And plus in that time we barely speak English well).

And I said: Do you believe me? She said: Yes! And I said: So, Everything is Possible. We will make it happen!

After that she went back to Ukraine, and after one month she found a contract in Thailand. I had nothing, even no place else to go for a contract. And just like that, I decided to buy a ticket and go to see and stay with her in Thailand. After this trip, we got to know even more each other, to trust and to believe even more that everything is possible.

I went to Ukraine to meet her parents, she went with me to Brazil to meet my parents. And we started traveling to countries in Asia together, no matter how hard it was. Now we are already 6 years together, married, and with a whole life ahead to enjoy each other and to build our future.

And like this how also came up this Dream, this idea, and project TMD(Thousand Miles of Dreams). It was a lot of hard work to make it happen, but without Diana it would not be possible. She made me stronger, and for that I wanna not only introduce myself to the modeling agencies in Milan to continue my career, but I wish that her Dreams also come true and that together we keep inspiring many other people and couples to believe that everything is possible when you work hard and believe in your Dreams.