Do you believe in Dreams?

You know how Dream works right? You woke up, go to the bathroom, sometimes goes back to bed and has already forgotten what dream it was. Don’t worry, same thing happens to me almost everyday. But specially that day, I remember as it was today.

I woke up, my wife was still asleep, and I woke her up to tell this Dream I had.

I said Diana….Dianaaa, I had an amazing Dream this night, I was running from Ukraine to Italy 1000 Miles. And she said: wow ok, that’s great, go go…

I said: No, I’m serious, I wanna do that! I wanna run from here, Ukraine to Italy. She said: Wait, was it a Dream or you wanna do it? I said: I had a Dream and I wanna do it!

She said: that’s amazing, Let’s go then!

And since the day we had this conversation, I didn’t stop to run and to work in this Dream I had. To be true, it was not easy, because I knew that what I wanna do is a big challenge. So, I started to make short runs, long runs, plus walking and everytime increasing more and more. I ran so much that when I started training in 2020 I still had short hair, and now it’s so long that I almost have more hair than runnings. “Almost”.

I got bored even to record my trainings, because I just wanted to enjoy my time outside, I wanted to feel that what I’m doing is real. So, I stopped recording my runnings, stopped even listening to music while doing my trainings. I started smiling more.

To share a little bit of the things I did, it was for example: For 6 months I repeated the same training: Walking 1 hour non stop, then running 1 hour non stop, then walking another 1 hour non stop. 25km done for the day. And the food I was eating was also the same everyday: Potatoes, carrots, pasta and eggs(everything boiled). No adds, no sauce, no salt and no sugar.

Other training is what I call of “Dream Awake”. This training starts at midnight 00:00 and finishes at 8:00am, after the sun rises. In this training, there is a minimum target which is 55km. I walk, I run and I Dream a lot. And the main goal here is to feel who you are, what you want for life, what are the next plans, to feel how the nature, the wind, the raining sometimes, the hotness or the coldness are so powerful, and after all this, let the body connects to the mind to feel how powerful a human being can be. *I did this workout even on -10 degrees.

Also I have been running every night and every morning to make an average 25km a day for a long period of time.

And in this two years, my easiest training is the one which I do when I’m very tired, or when I don’t have so much time. So, I walk one hour in the morning 7km and another hour in the night more 7km, 14km just to keep going.

Besides, for every month in this 2 years, I have been practising fasting(not eating), which I only drink water for 1, 2 or 3 days. There is much more trainings and stuff I did in this two years, but the hardest part was not the running, to walk everyday or to fast for few days. The hardest part was to keep going, believing, dreaming and doing every single day my trainings thinking that this day would finally arrive, the day of the Thousand Miles of Dreams.

And here I am to say officially that I will run 1000 Miles(1600 kilometers) from Ukraine to Italy in 30 days starting on April 2022.

The project calls TMD: (Thousand miles of dreams).
I hope it will interest and inspire you, and I would be happy for any of your support.

There are 3 main reasons for this project:

  1. I want to open a charity fundraising for helping child hunger around the world while I’ll be running from Ukraine to Italy.
  2. I always wanted to inspire people to do not stop dreaming. And that “everything is possible” when you believe on your dreams.
  3. I’m a model and since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, I didn’t work anymore in my field. But I always believed that I could something to achieve this dream or at least try until the end challenging my own limits.

There is a filmmaking production that will make a documentary film about the project.

It’s so much more than just a project. It’s a lot of hard work and daily training, and not only physically but mentally too.

Would like to know more details about the project and how to sponsor it?

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